Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All about me in 30 days - Favorite Movie

I remember going to small independent film theaters with my father. I was his movie partner, in my childhood I didn't go to the movies and see anything that was kid related, from the time I was old enough to read I went to subtitled art films and movies with amazing soundtracks though horrible acting.

Then there were some movies that stuck with me. "Blade Runner" - was instrumental in me NEVER wearing a see through raincoat.. Y'know... just in case.

The greatest memory I have with my father was sitting next to him, in a theater with the sound of a waterfall coming from all sides. My father's excitement to see this movie, "The Mission" about Indians he worked with in South America and an epic tale of the Jesuit priests and their fight against unfair claiming of lives.

As he sat next to me and the soundtrack from Ennio Morricone filled the empty spaces, my heart skipped a beat. The drums, and the storyline captured my soul, as it still does. I watched tears stream down my father's face at the ending scene... it was the first time I realized my father was human.

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