Sunday, October 24, 2010

All about me in 30 days - Favorite Quote

This one was easy, I've had quite a few in my lifetime, however since my 30's I fell in love with.

"Well-Behaved women rarely make history"

By: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Rosa Parks was not a well behaved woman, she stood up for her right to sit wherever she desired. She was an exhausted busy woman that worked hard and had every right to be treated like a human, despite the color of her skin or her gender.

Susan B Anthony was not silent and by the standard of the American male, she was not well-behaved. She voted in the 1872 Election and was arrested despite her arguement that the recently adopted 14th amendment gave women the constitutional right to vote. She was tried and fined, though never paid the fine throughout the 80ish years of her life.

We can not be silent, no man or woman or child. We have to stand up and speak for our rights, when they are threatened to be taken away we can not stand silent, or we will be over looked.


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Ha! I almost did this one! It truly fits you, Suz! Love ya!