Sunday, October 24, 2010

All about me in 30 days - 20 of my favorite things

These are not in any order!
1.) Food - I love to cook, eat, entertain and serve my family and friends. My tummy agrees!

2.) My children - They make me so happy, even when they aren't being very good!

3.) My boyfriend - He is the man I've spent years looking for. I went through a multitude of relationships to finally end up next to him, everything in my past was done for me to learn something from.

4.) My path - I've looked long and hard for a path, a faith I can count on and this one is the most full filling. I feel at home and safe where my soul has come to rest.

5.) Writing - I love to sit at my computer and write. Even if it's a list or thoughts, a poem or a letter to my daughter. It fills my heart with joy to use words when sometimes my spoken word can be harsh.

6.) My extended family - It took me a long time to appreciate my parents, but now I realize that everything they did, it was for a reason, a really good one! They are my inspiration to who I want to be.

7.) My friends - I don't have a whole ton of them, but the ones I have I adore! They make me laugh, and know the "real" me.

8.) Colorado - We have seasons, we can use a fireplace 5-6 months out of the year, it's beautiful.

9.) My holiday traditions - Cutting down our own tree, hot cocoa after a snowball fight, Manitou Springs and 16th Street Mall with Gretchen, reading "The Night before Christmas" to my kids. I love them all!

10.) Mile High Mamas - They are a great group of ladies and I have never left any of the events feeling down or like it was a waste of my time. It's worth being away from kids for a night to get some "me" time.
11.) Laughing - Oh my, this might be one of the greatest things for me. I LOVE to laugh, thankfully Dave makes me laugh all the time and without him, my kids and I would not laugh near as much.

12.) Football - I love to watch football. Mainly because it's a way for me to remove my aggressions at the TV and the football players that frustrate me.

13.) Watching Dave play baseball - There is something sexy about watching the man you love do something he loves.

14.) Going home - I miss my family, so when we can all get together I treasure the opportunity to be with family and friends.

15.) Reading - There is nothing better than getting lost in a really great story.

16.) Role-playing - Yes, I am a geek, I love Role-playing games and used to run a LARP.

17.) Helping people - I sometimes try and cure the world in my head. Searching for ways to help kids and get them out of rough situations. I wish I could do one thing that would keep all children safe, until then... one step at a time right?

18.) Reading books to my daughters - I feel like they are learning and seeing the whole world of words open up to them.

19.) My daughters art - She is so creative and artist with the written word and canvas. I wish she could see beyond her own eyes and see the true talent she has.

20.) Sleep - Because with 7 kids, there isn't much of it that I get

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