Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days about Me - Photo of me over 10 years ago

I have tons of photos of myself growing up; my father LOVED his camera which is where I got my love for it. I remember staring at him with the “Are you kidding?? ANOTHER photo?” (Ironically the same look my kids give me).

Then my computer got a virus last night *sobs*

So I am stuck with the ones I have on my FB page.

Here is a photo of my about 27 years ago. (HOLY cow I’m old!) This was at a park with my little sister and my dad is the genius behind the camera. And yes… I am probably stepping on Kristin’s fingers, because I was oblivious to her intent on climbing up after me.

(Isn’t that coat FANTASTIC? I’d wear that now if I could find one!)

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