Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Fun and our Home

LaLa wearing Mommy's boots

I love all holidays, and one that is full of pinks, reds and sparking hearts is AWESOME!

I know there are skeptics. “Valentine’s Day is so commercial”, “Why do I need a day to show someone I love them?”, “Valentine’s Day is just Singles recognition Day”

I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve been a single mom with 6 kids, one of them barely a month old on Valentine’s Day. I have sat there a week before Valentine’s Day within a deep pitty party wondering how I could have ended up where I’m at.

Issa walking around in Mommy's Flippity Flops

But then I realized the truth of the day. NO ONE can chose how you feel. NO ONE else gets to say, “You are pathetic that you don’t have anyone on this day.” Or “You didn’t get what you wanted on Valentine’s Day, so you have the right to be pissy”

I learned two years ago, you have to make it what you want it. I let my kids know they are loved; I call someone I’ve neglected and let them know they are loved. Because that gives ME joy, it makes me happy to make someone else smile. This year… I made little treats for the kids and heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!

That being said… I had a fun time this Valentine’s. I did the 12 Days of Valentine’s for Dave. It was nice for me to sit down and decide what he’ll get, I thought about HIM every day. I love thinking about him and surprising him with little gifts.

So... for Valentine’s Day I got to do what I wanted…..

The master bedroom is finally painted! All the old pictures taken down, curtains discarded, outdated trim pieces removed and the Zen Romance room has begun. We have an “accent wall” and then the other walls are lighter, a bit more work on the trim, removing the footboard and sides on the bed and I think we will be happily ready for some wall treatments and great new curtains.

I can’t take all the credit, Dave was amazing, he painted the whole accent wall, moved stuff and entertained me with his usual antics. I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s weekend, he did a great job erasing the past the room had, and putting ‘us’ into it, it feels like a new space!

We are looking at a lot of Home Remodeling over the next five years. Renovating the bathrooms (need to put down new tile in the kids bathroom, the old tile in the Master bedroom is shot, it needs to be ripped out and replaced).

The house will be painted in the next month (and perhaps looking into Vinyl Siding for resale purposes) and Replacement windows (there is a draft issue in some of them) and hardwood floors throughout.

Oh… and he is building me a new dining room table… yep, by hand! ~happy dance~

See… everyday IS Valentine’s Day, but February 14th isn’t about cards and chocolates to me, it’s an extension of every day with Dave! Hope ya’ll had a great time!

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