Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Nighttime Routine and Book Reviews

The nighttime ritual in my home starts around 7pm. The babies of the family get something for dessert or a small snack before heading up to their rooms. We clean up the room ….. Wait…. I clean up the room; they see how fast they can come behind me and tear it up.

Then I push them into the bathroom for 15-30 minutes of bath time. They splash, sing, cry, hit, yell, giggle and brush their teeth before it’s warm hugs time as they step out of the tub.

Then we put on PJs, squeal a little and settle against the “reading nook” for a few minutes of reading. We read 1-5 books a night, depending on their attention span and my desire to read Dr. Seuss for the 100th time. (I must really stop reading Green Eggs and Ham with such passion… they LOVE it!)

So when I get new books I’m always very excited to get them settled in so I can pull them out like a newly discovered hidden treasure. (We really love to read!)

I read Snow the Race horse first. It is a cute book written by: Demi Clark and is a wonderful little tale of Snow and her friend, a race turtle named Tuga during a race with devious characters trying to slow them down. Snow’s family is a racing family that has taught her how to be honest and fair during racing. It is a great story to teach kids about sportsmanship and a supportive family.

Then we read Catty Wompus by Julie Howe. I love this book, my girls love this book, my teens and my boyfriend love this book. It is awesome to have such a great book about everything we all deal with. The “mean” girl, the one who looks pretty but speaks ugly and the pain that is causes everyone around her, most importantly her. Not only is the story of Catty Wompus something every little girl should read, it has some great artistry with in it. Beautiful clothing and faces, the hair is expressive as are the eyes, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve read this book. It’s a MUST read for all families.

Our nighttime routine is one of my favorite times with my girls, and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to review these books through Parent Reviewers. My opinion was not swayed in receiving these books from them.

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Miranda said...

I love the night time routine and am so glad I started it early on with Ryan. He's used to it and it so relaxed by the time I lay him down. I'm going to add reading time soon, already have my copy of Where the Wild Things are ready to go.