Thursday, February 11, 2010

SGJ - Ode to an old friend

Dear SGJ,

We have been friends a long time. Five years to be exact, we have seen two pregnancies, two relationships end, a beautiful one begin and a few nights of drinking and playing pool.

My boyfriend always said I look great when you are around. The worn look you had always made me look younger, a little hip and a bit, grunge sexy.

When you would get clean I’d have to straighten you out and figure out how you fit me again. It was like a maze of loose strings and exposed threads.

You were perfectly worn and always looked great in anything I paired you with.

But last night you got clean for the last time. I shook you out, held you up and realized, you were more holey than fabric. You no longer looked fashionable nor sexy, you looked tired.

So I did it, I folded you for the last time, and put you in your final resting place.

May you rest quietly and know that you did your job well, better than any in my past ever has.

Thanks Sexy Girl Jeans…. You will be missed!

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russ said...

Time to think of a craft project.