Monday, February 22, 2010

A republican, eyeglasses and a haircut walk into a blog post....

I can say that my eyes are starting to blur a little, I’m not seeing things as well as I’d like. Words that are farther away seem to be harder to read and I am a little worried I might end up with eyeglasses.

Though I don't need prescription glasses I have found many instances where I might be able to use reading glasses for the future. Though I refuse to do this without style because the last thing I need is to look like and old lady while reading my magazines on Sunday mornings.

So, I have decided that I’m going to get some eyeglass frames that flatter my face. How do I decide? Well… I’m starting with my hair style. If ya’ll remember, last year I donated 10 inches of hair to Locks for Love. I got my hair cut in a cute bob and now I am ready for another yearly hair cut.

I chose it….

Yes… Mrs. Palin. See the glasses? Those are the frames I am getting!

One day I’ll need some kind of prescription to put into those frames, until then…. I’ll just wear them around, and work on getting my hair to do the FANTASTic things Mrs. Palin can do with hers.

~I was compensated for portions of this post, it by no means has altered my hair style/eye accoutrement decisions.~


G-Zell said...

Those glasses look nice. I need some new ones badly.. my are disgusting LOL....

Brittany said...

Those are going to be HOT on you mama!