Friday, February 19, 2010

Project 52: Week 7 - Romancing the Space

~Sorry I am so late on this one! Promise I’ll try and stay on top of it every Tuesday!~

Valentine’s weekend was the start of our date night this past week.

We took off Friday the 12th and spent the day trying to pull out of “missed expectations” in a funk. But we went to Lowe’s, grabbed some paint, some colors for the exterior of the house and got settled into our night at home.

What I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to get the master bedroom done. I have had this Zen romantic room in mind and the start was removing the past. Dave got started before me…. He got the bed out of the room, old pictures and mirror off the wall before patching holes and sanding. The “accent” wall was done when I got back from driving my kids to their father’s house.

~Last Valentines Day~

Then we started painting together and talking… the talking was the most important part for us. We talked, painted… sometimes each other and thoroughly cleaned the room. The carpets got vacuumed, old books and picture frames removed and suddenly. It was done.

~Valentines 2010~

The room was clean, the walls were painted and perfect, it felt like a new space. “OUR” space.

I can’t tell you how awesome date night was for us… now, we went right to sleep in an exhausted stupor, however waking up and curling around one another was so nice Saturday morning. We have a ‘clean’ space, the energy has changed, we are sleeping better and the romantic feeling is palpable.

Lesson #7: Make a space that is for both of you. One that you can lie down in, relax and enjoy the energy.


Have you joined in the Project 52: Date Nights challenge?


Tiffany said...

what a lovely color for your room! nathan and i worked together on our bedroom recently and it was such a great experience talking about what we both wanted for the room. glad it worked out well for you two! happy belated valentine's day! see you next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Marian said...

I love that color! I would love to paint our bedroom - even looked at similar green colors, but the work of getting everything out and just getting it done keeps us from doing it. Great idea for a date night.