Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project 52: Week 4

Date night this week got a little catty-wompus. Once a month we have his son all weekend long. That makes date night a little different for us.

Friday night, we had no plans except to relax, and that is just what we all did. Jake and I played a little on the computer, Dave and I did a little talking… it was nice and quiet.

It was decided that Saturday we would go to swim practice for his son in the morning, and then the afternoon was open. Swim practice was fun, we messed around on our Blackberry’s and watched Jake swim. Then… hopped into the car and headed off to see his parents for the afternoon. It was unplanned and only supposed to last a few hours.

We stayed until dark, drinking coffee, eating and talking. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to spend a date night, learning to love like your parents do. Dave’s parents have a love story that has “torrid affair” written all over it… and I find that to be blissfully romantic and very fitting for the two of them.

I adore his Mom and Dad, they are a really cute couple that tease one another, do things together and have learned how to try and make each other happy, even when things don’t go as you would like.

Date Night #4 lesson: Learn to love like the people you respect, because one day... “YOU” will be the one someone respects.

Funny fact about today….. It’s been a year since I wrote about meeting his parents for the first time.

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Have you joined in the Project 52: Date Nights challenge?

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Erin said...

This sounds so sweet. A different take on date night, but spending time with the people you want to be like is such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

that's so sweet and nice to have in-laws that are good examples of a loving relationship. thanks for sharing!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Laura said...

I feel pretty lucky that I got to meet Dave and his whole family all at once! He's a cool cat, and it's clear where that came from - his parents are cool as shit, too! You're so lucky to have such nice inlaws!

Brittany said...

Ok... I now know, 100% that we are long lost BFFs... Andy ALWAYS makes fun of me for using the word "catty-wampus" and says that no one else uses it... YOU used it! I knew other people used that word... I just knew it! lol

Traci Michele said...

THIS WAS SO GREAT! How fun. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I stopped by your cute blog!


Mande's J-Life said...

Good! It is refreshing to see when people have good relationships with their inlaws. I have learned to love mine but it took several years!

Mid-Craft Crisis said...

Great date. I agree with Mande, having a good relationship with family is hard sometimes so its wonderful (and happy for everyone) if you get on well with your in-laws. And even better if you respect them and their story.