Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea Parties in Time

Pink boas, Tea cups that match the tea pot and tiny sandwiches full of tuna and cucumbers.

I wanted this as a little girl, the bright sun in the background with a table full of treats and my girl friends around pretending to be “big girls”. I wanted the draped strand of pearls and rouge on my tanned skin.

It was the image of a little girl.

I forgot about it until Gretchen and my trip to Manitou when we went into this store full of knickknacks and sparkling jewels. The plan was formed….

Our daughters would have this… this image we always had and never said anything about. They would have these moments as little girls, and as they grew so would our times together. It would be our gift to them, four times a year we would give them the gift of being a little girl with their Mommy, Aunt and best friends.

Now, I need a tea set… something beautiful and elegant, something that can have pieces added to it when there are grand-children and friends.

Help!..... Suggestions on recipes, perfect teas, great outfits and a tea set that will last a lifetime.


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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I don't have any suggestion but I think your idea is wonderful. I'm not sure if I ever dreamed of tea parties but I think this sounds like a blast now!

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