Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 52: Week 1

This is Week 1 of the Project 52: Date Night

Dave and I had our first date night of 2010 on January 2nd.
It was a wonderful way to start off the New Year.

The kids all left the house by noon and then we were in bed for a much needed “nap”. Finally around 5pm we started thinking about dinner and nighttime entertainment.

We made reservations at PF Changs for 7pm, and spent the next hour getting dressed and “prettified”. I think we looked the best we had in weeks and headed out with an hour to kill. So we went to Target for a mundane trip of cologne, vacuum belt and other household accoutrements (We are still parents after all.)

We got to PF Chang’s with about 15 minutes to spare so we sat at the bar and had a cocktail while waiting for our table. We got a GREAT table that was raised up from the normal floor; it was like having a beautiful seat at the movies. After watching the people, discussing everything under the sun we settled into a great meal, some drinks and many laughs.

I think we finally got out of there around 8:30ish and went to Blockbuster for a few movies. Got home, changed into pjs and watched “Star Trek” (Which was AMAZING, see it!)

It was a really fun time; we drove a little through the lights at a local open air mall and talked about ice skating sometime before March. Perhaps I can drag my guy out there!

We don’t have a picture of us from out first date night of year, but I promise every week we will get a new picture. Need something to remember the years with right?


Have you joined in the Project 52: Date Nights challenge?

Come with us and exercise your heart!
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