Friday, January 8, 2010

January 25th, The most Depressing Day?

You know that feeling you have after Christmas and New years? Resolutions might have failed; you are waiting for that paycheck in January to keep you sane again?

Did you know that there has been research that states the first Monday, of the last week in January is called “Blue Monday” for a reason?

I had no idea.

Here is a quote from the website:

“The official date of "Blue Monday" was actually mathematically calculated by Dr. Cliff Arnall a researcher at Cardiff University. The formula takes into account six factors: weather conditions (Gloomy old January and its typical lack of sunshine), debt level and our ability to pay that debt, time elapsed since Christmas, time elapsed since failing our New Years resolutions, our general seasonal motivational levels, and our need to take action and to have something to look forward to( During January there are no statutory holidays in the fore-see-able future, gasp!).”

A day to give in to the “winter blues” to sit and sulk and be crabby, might sound like a great idea, however I’m pretty sure it’s not. Why would you want to fall into this mode? Sometimes it creates a horrible cycle that won’t end.

  • How about going and getting a quick tan? Some time under those lights might help boost your mood.
  • Make your Facebook status a new joke every hour?
  • Take funny photos of your kids all day?

We have control over ourselves…. Heck, maybe even a day off work might help banish the Gloomies!

I’ll come up with something folks… another way to boost the happy through my blog!

So… what are YOUR plans on this day? Knowing its coming what are you going to do to avoid it?


Gretel said...

Well Thats funny! Dan has Jury Duty that day! LOL I will be doing whatever I have to to make it a better day for him when he gets home. A yummy stress free dinner or something!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I had no idea! Very interesting, maybe I will schedule a visit to Disneyland on that day, being at the happiest place on earth should help.