Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 52: Date Nights

I remember when we first met we dated every Wednesday and Friday night.

After work I would touch up my make up, straighten my clothes and spray a pretty scent over my neck.

When I got to his house we would do this funny little dance as we once again would get used to each other’s company. A touch here, a laugh there and finally we’d fall into one another’s company like two souls who’ve missed out on air our whole lives.

When we moved in together those moments became a bit rarer and though we have always done a date night, they became only Fridays and many times nothing more than a quiet house without the kids.

We had decided this coming year we would alternate responsibility of the weekly date nights. They will alternate between staying in, cooking, seeing the town and hiding out with just us, some music and the glow of the TV (My favorite).

In my walk through the blogosphere I came across Simply Modern Mom. Tiffany started up a Project 52: Date Nights.

A promise to yourself, your significant other and the relationship you create together.

Once a week date nights. Stay in and watch movies, make a meal together and eat on the back deck, go to a local art opening, have a night on the town with the opera and a fancy dinner, something that you can do after the kids go to bed to rekindle your romance.

Care to join me on the same journey?

Have you committed to spending more time with your kids this year? How about to get a better job/more pay?

Why wouldn’t you commit to the person you are sleeping next to? You spend 6-8 hours a night enjoying the energy of them next to you… perhaps it’s about time we all fell in love all over again!

Head on over to Simply Modern Mom’s site, sign the “agreement” post it on the door to the bedroom/closet, in the kitchen, wherever you will both see it every day!

  • Every Friday night from 5pm- we fall asleep. We have no kids on most Fridays and Saturdays, so this works best. It’s a benefit of blended families.
  • Can’t do the same thing twice in one month.
  • We will rotate being in charge of date nights on a weekly basisMust create a date-like atmosphere.
  • No frumpy clothes or pajamas (Unless the date calls for this, ex: Movie and snuggle night: pjs necessary). Make it a special event. Mind the details. But most of all, keep it simple.
  • We must take a picture of us on date night.

Make a new step to exercise your heart.

Then come back here and visit me every week as I document our dates!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

what a great idea ...and a lovely pic of the two of you!

I'd join in, but I won't even be in the position of having 'date nights' until half the year is over with! Guess I'll live vicariously through you :)