Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mom's Night Out!!

Today is Wordless Wednesday…

There is nothing wordless about today.

Last night was Mom’s Night out with Mile High Mama’s and Mom it Forward. What a great time that was.

Laura, Chris, Melissa and I all carpooled downtown to Morton’s Steakhouse to meet up with 30 other ladies in a very full bar area. We did manage to chase out all the poor men who were just coming in for an after work drink.

There were iceberg lettuce bites, miniature crab cakes and filet mignon sandwiches.

Yea… they were THAT good.

There was Tweeting at #gno, #millionmoms and it was all sponsored by our favorite ladies at Mile High Mamas, Mom it Forward and Seventh Generation.

We got some great swag from Seventh Generation and the totally fun “fake snow”

On the way home there was a ton of laughing and talking between us ladies. We are looking forward to January’s gathering which will be at the fabulous, lovely Sephora.

We are all so excited we might faint.

Now for a mushy moment, brought to you by… the wonderful and amazing DAVE!

T’was the night before Wednesday and all the kids are down. Only La-La is awake and Kara is banging the keyboard with a frown. The little ones are clean and begged for their beds, the kitchen is a disaster but all are well fed. Here I sit alone in the dark with not a drink in my hand listening to a dog bark. I miss my Lily and Love that she is out. I hope she is safe and having fun while gallivanting about. I Love you and will wait forever if I need.

That is the message I got last night on my Blackberry as we were leaving Morton’s.

Isn’t he the CUTEST thing ever?

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