Wednesday, November 11, 2009

JumpStart - Escape from Adventure Island Review

My toddlers are slowly starting to count, stairs, and animals in books, even when I’m counting down to time out. (Yes… it is as frustrating as it sounds.)

So when we got Jump Start’s new Wii game Escape from Adventure Island I was excited!

This game is rated for 5-9 year olds, though watching me and other sibling’s play they really seemed to enjoy the game.

The purpose of the game is to escape the island, hence the name. To do that you need to gather sand dollars, which in turn will give you a helium tank, get 20 helium tanks and you can use it to get another step closer to fueling your hot hair balloon and getting off of Adventure Island.

Your child can fly around the skies, run through mazes, play a little game that seems to be like Dance Dance Revolution and the best part, decorate their own person!

My favorite part! You choose hair, shoes, clothes, smile even adornments on the head. A pretty little girl or a mean monster could be traipsing around Adventure Island trying to escape!

So…. Want a chance to win this? Well… you can, in fact… the prize package that JumpStart is offering is IMPRESSIVE! There is no reason not to join in!

The Prizes:

50 winners will be randomly chosen to receive a copy of JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island, a brand new Wii™ learning adventure for ages 5-9. Plus, 3 lucky winners will be chosen to receive the Ultimate Escape Prize Pack including:

• 1 copy of JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island (rated E by the ESRB)
• 1 Nintendo Wii console – to escape boredom
• $250 in SpaFinder® gift certificates – to escape stress
• 1 Flip™ Mino HD video camera – to record your adventures
• 3 lifetime JumpStart memberships – 1 for you, 2 to share with friends
• 500 virtual coins – to keep your kids’ online adventure exciting
• JumpStart gear – to dress for adventure

Now, to win this you MUST go here. The JumpStart Blog is the only place that entries will be recognized, however, make sure you do it before November 16, 2009. Or the Hot Air Balloon will leave without you!

~Tons of Thanks to Knowledge Adventure for supplying me with a copy of this Wii game to review, all opinions of this game are my own~


Joanna said...

How awesome...I love Jump Start!!

Oy...the counting to time out! Kelsie does that too.

Anonymous said...

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