Thursday, October 22, 2009

Relish! Review and Giveaway

Families have the craziest schedules.

Every other day I don’t have the toddlers, half of the week Dave doesn’t have Jake. Joey has football practice everyday and games Saturdays and Mondays. Ashlyn has two clubs which makes her home late from school and Kara just wants to go home and relax. The weekends are worse with some Saturday’s Dave and I are alone and most Fridays are date nights.

See what I mean?

It’s all messed up!

It makes dinners all messed up, until I figured out a program. I use my crockpot on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so when I get home it’s dish and go. A loaf of bread on the side and the masses can get fed.

Then I got a subscription to Relish! through a giveaway a few months ago. Relish is an online Meal Planning site with some AMAZING options. You can chose meals for a family of 4 all the way up to a family of 8. Weekly meals, special holiday meals and even freezer meals are available.

This week I’m in love with the freezer meals.

Want to know how this all works?

You have two options; use the Express Menu option on the left hand side of the page and print out the shopping list, the recipes and you are on your way to a quick week of meals.

Or you can use the Custom Menu on the right hand side of the page, choosing what meals you want. You can get kid friendly, vegetarian or even crock pot meals.

They are simple and it helps to get new ideas for a dinner time humdrum that might get a little boring!

Now, how would you like to win a subscription to Relish! ?

One lucky reader will win a year subscription to Relish! To enter visit Relish! then leave a comment telling me how many people you would need a menu for. (2,4,6,8 or more) and/or would you take advantage of the freezer meals.

All entries must be received by Oct. 30, 2009.

Contest is open to Anyone! Winner will be selected at random and will have 3 days to respond to the e-mail. (Which means you must have an e-mail accessible for me to write you!)

Want Extra Entries:

• Become a Crunchy Green Mom follower (Leave extra comment for this)

• Tell me your favorite fast dinner idea that is cooked at home (Leave extra comment for this)

~Thank you to Relish! for offering me a voucher to view their site. I am offering this review and giveaway as a current subscriber to Relish! and love the meal planning options! This is an honest review by: Crunchy Green Mom~


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I need this! I am a horrible, horrible cook and it all falls apart in the beginning planning stages. Since they don't have an option for three people, I would have to go with 4.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I am a follower. and I forgot to answer the freezer question in my first comment. Heck yes! I would use the freezer meals.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I don't know if I can say it's a favorite meal, but for speedwise on those times where I realize I don't have anything planned for dinner spagetti is my favorite go-to meal.

Jane said...

Hey Dear, SIGN ME UP! :) I could use all the help I could get- and if that includes saving money- than WHOO-HOO! I'm there. A fast fix at my house (that my kids love) is rice and gravy with left over chicken or chopped up steak in it. Fry the meat, boil the rice, make some gravy and SHA-ZAM! Just add a veggie and bread and call it a meal! :) Hope you're having a blessed day!

Xenia said...

How handy! I would love this for my family of 4 because we end up eating the same boring handful of meals every week. Plus, we're difficult to cook for because I'm a vegetarian, my husband isn't and our 3-year-old is just picky. We go through a lot of "What do you want?" "I don't know, what do YOU want?" conversations.

The freezer meals sound great, how handy to have something all prepared and ready to go!

:) xpsundell at gmail dot com

Xenia said...

Of course I'm a follower!

Xenia said...

Our favorite fast dinner idea is tacos/burritos. We just open a can of refried black beans, chop up a few veggies and everyone can put whatever they want on and toss it in the microwave. Simple and quick!

Carol C said...

Ok, Doesn't Kraftfoods and similar sites do this for free?