Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mammograms - The bittersweet...

I don’t hate mammograms.

Yes, afterward I need to reshape my breast; I might even need to use a bicycle pump to make it fluffier.

However, it’s worth every moment in the heated comfortable robe, the other ladies looking around nervously and knowing that it’s another year of peace of mind.

I’ve been quiet over the past week because I knew it was coming.

Last year was scary because they found a lump. I tried to be nonchalant about it; I am a strong woman, stronger than fear of the unknown… right?

“You have plan A and plan B. You can ignore it and just check it once a month to see if it gets bigger. Plan B: Get it biopsied” ~I was in shock and chose Plan A.

I didn’t tell my children, I cried on the phone with my mother and my best friends.

I waited a few months before I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed to get the biopsy done.

I went in finally, I needed to know. I was shaking, on the verge of tears the whole time. I won’t lie and say it was a fun procedure, however it was over. They checked it out right there. “It is benign.”

All my fears were subsided.

Tomorrow at 8:30am I have my second one. Hopefully I will have a year of nothing, a year of a “routine mammogram”, nothing to write home about, nothing to stress over… routine.

How about you? Have you gotten a mammogram lately? Have you given yourself a bit of peace?


Joanna said...

Wishing you the best while getting your boobies squished! : )

No mams for me yet...But I do check monthly!

Jayson said...

I wish you luck and hope all is well with ya. Take care

Xenia said...

I noticed you had been a little quiet and was wondering what has been going on with you. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning and hoping for more good news.

Anonymous said...

It's Nikki.
Your second daughter. :D

I really don't need to worry mommy.
I know it's scary and probably would make me almost die from crying so bad if you had it. But you WILL get through it either way. Even if they do find something, you have a loving family, an amazing boyfriend and surprising strong friends. You will never be alone.

Don't worry mommy!
We love you no matter what.
Don't ever forget that!


P.S. Have fun getting your boobie squished. xD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Nydia said...

I hope your mammogram is simply the routine one, Lilith, let's us know how it was. Relax, andd everything will be ok!

kisses form us.