Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Friday, September 4, 2009

The President speaks.... Who will listen?

Apparently the President of the United States is going to speak to us next week. More importantly, he is going to speak to our children.

People are pissed.


Yes... really.

Parents are pulling their children out of school, they are calling into the school districts and are infuriated at this.


Got me... ~shrugs~

My darling friend Amber posted up a similar post on her blog "Mile High Mamas" about this topic.... Here is my response.

I am not a political person... I believe that whoever is president deserves our right to listen.

Why would we not?

Are we SOOO afraid that he is going to "sway" our children in the hour he is going to talk to them in a way that we can't correct?

What harm is it going to do?

"Support your country, each other and the president" - Yep... I checked.. so far I don't have anything bad to think about that one.

"Study hard, you ARE our future" - Yes... also very true statements, so what would I complain?

He is going to talk to them! The president of the UNITED STATES cares enough about my football playing son, my artist daughter, my prima donna senior to speak with them.

He is speaking to my second grader, my kindergartner and two toddlers. He is speaking to all of us and all of them. He is speaking to the teacher standing before those students, giving those children hopes that they can one day change the world.

Change a world that is showing hardships all around. How many of our kids have come home to use with tears in their eyes saying, "My friend had to move to live with their grandmother because they couldn't afford their home." ?

I work in the school district and get phone calls from parents saying, "My kids and I are living in our car, how can the bus come pick them up in the morning?"

We need help.... help from our kids, help from each other and help from our president.

Someone cares enough to talk to my kids and give them hope... LET THEM SHOUT! I want my kids to see that the president cares.

No I did not vote for Obama, nor did I vote for McCain. I voted on my own, with my own agenda.
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