Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lake

I got roped in.

I never watched Beverly Hills 90210 or One Tree Hill, so walking into watching "The Lake" was a little different for me. I kind of fought this one however, it kind of sucks you in.

Teens spending summers in an expensive lake town with different demographics and lifestyles away from the secluded world they spend their summers in. They all come together by their families and those families dealing with secrets.

I watched the first four episodes this evening and well, kind of teened out on the whole thing. Fried shrimp and tater tops, a soda and my feet kicked back in the chair like I was settling in for a long night.

So... here is what I think, anyone with a child around the age of 13 should join me. Why? Because I need someone to gossip with on Facebook! (PSSST.... Kim Silvey.... This means YoU!)

It's fun... I will update you weekly on my "The Lake" thoughts. So far, I KNEW why they sister was in another town (a tad predictable). I "think" I know what is up with Olivia's parents and the newly married couple (Claire and Dennis) are totally adorable!

They remind me of Dave and I!

I know some of ya'll aren't doing anything at work, pop in your headphones and join me watching "The Lake"...

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Joanna said...

I totally watched 90210, Dawson's Creek, Party of Five and Melrose Place. Loved them too!

However I don't like the new 90210. I have not heard of The Lake, so since this looks right up my alley I may have to tune in. It sounds like all the rest of them with secrets, lies, betrayals...all the stuff that makes up those prime time soaps!