Monday, August 17, 2009

Couch to 5K - Week 1

I like to run.

Yes… I said it out loud.

I found Couch to 5K through a friend a few months ago. I researched it, mulled over it, thought about it and finally decided to start doing it when Dave and I moved in together.

The time came last Tuesday. It was time, my mind was motivated and I wanted to do something about the “comfy” weight I had gained being in a secure relationship.

Ashlyn has become my running partner; we huff and puff, curse and run through sprinklers together. We found a mother/daughter relationship we have never had. She is the middle child. The second daughter and the middle of the “big kids”, so we never had much time alone, suddenly… we found a connection, outside of art and anime…we found our 30 minutes alone.

Here is my journal and thoughts for Week One:

  • Day one started out on the neighborhood next to us. Stretched at home, brisk walk for 5 minutes and the first of six jogging sets, it was not something that we liked by the end of the 60 seconds. I have a kitchen timer; it’s small and can attach to my shirt. 60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking. We made it, barely, back to the house and Ashlyn fell to the hardwood floors. She might not like me much tomorrow.

  • Day two started with a bit of anticipation. I enjoyed the pain in my shins the past two days. It was nice; I knew I did something productive. Today was much better; we had a new route, strong winds and a comfortable time jogging together. By the time we made it back home, we had caught our second burst of energy. We were happy.

  • Day three was alone. I pulled on my shoes about half an hour after Dave and I got back from his parents house, a large Mexican dinner, four shots and three margaritas were about to mix in my stomach, but I was feeling anxious. I needed to run, in my head it made sense. Dave and I made plans, if I wasn’t home in 45 minutes something was wrong, I left and ran the same route I had gone on Monday. I figured out why Monday was so hard… IT IS UPHILL. I’m a moron. That route will not be taken until I get much better. I had my Blackberry for music and it was perfect, I missed my jogging partner but found my rhythm; I finally started to understand what people love about this quiet time.

I realized it was no longer about losing weight… it is about getting out there and doing something. Give me energy, give me the quiet time, and give me the strength that I can take with me to my daughters and my son.

I love to run…. Ya’ll gonna join in?


WackyMummy said...

It's that place that finds you... I can't wait to get back to it too. I used to have that kickboxing, but haven't been able to... haven't had the energy to do much more than exist for years. Hope to find it again soon. So great for you! Yay! =)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I am SO FRIGGIN proud of you!!!!

Tim said...

As you can tell by my sleek Marathoner physic, I am a big fan of running.

No, seriously, though. I really enjoy it and am doing what I can to work my way back into it. Keep up the good work on your end!

E-mail me your new address. There is something I must send you!

Jamie said...

HI- just wondering how you're doing now... still running? I am getting ready to start my own C25K program- love the idea of the kitchen timer to keep your times for you. Thanks.