Friday, August 14, 2009

Aloha Friday - 8/14

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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My question is:

Are there traditional gender roles that you fight against?

Example: Women cook and clean, Men do yard work. Do you do the yard work and expect your guy to clean as well?

My answer is:

Yes.. I fight it a lot. I think that there are times I fight it because it's all I know, I've always fought the "good wifey" role. It's not what it is but it's how I feel about it sometimes.

I hate the idea of cleaning, picking up clothes, doing laundry and cooking if I am the only one doing it. I also HATE the idea of doing yard work, if my guy is willing to do it, great, however, then it falls into what if the yard work doesn't need to get done? Then does he help with the indoor items?

I dunno... it's hard for me.

What if there is a party with all the kids? He wants to go "play" with the boys, am I stuck in the house conversing with people I don't know while wrangling up kids? At that point, leave me at home to play with the kids, put them to nap in their own beds and enjoy my time.

I'm not the "good wifey".... I don't play well in that area, I never have. I want some idea of equality if the doors can be opened there.

Yep.... this turned into a brainstorming session....

Hi.... Happy Aloha Friday, What are your thoughts?


Auntie E said...

I guess mine is..I can do what ever a man can when it come to work. I like being different but I feel there shouldn't be work only men can do. Hey if I want to lay bricks, build houses, put roofs on I should be allowed to with out comments from men.

Ave said...

I don't fight against traditional gender roles.

Robin said...

No, not really. I think the cooking and cleaning is expected more of me b/c I'm at home all day while dh is working - and not b/c I'm the woman/wife. When I was working dh did help out more. And I'm happy to help with the yard work for the same reason - I'm home more. {and we have a riding lawn mower! lol}
Have a great weekend!

TheAngelForever said...

My hubby does 99% of the dinner cooking here. Since he does that I do the family laundry. We both try to work on the cleaning together. I have to say that my MIL did a nice job showing hubby that being like his father was wrong.

Lilith Silvermane said...

I think these are GREAT responses. I find that the fastest way for someone to learn how to do everything.... to be single. Then you are forced to do certain things.

KimberlyKaye said...

I have taught my sons that there is no reason they can't do house work. They split dish duty between then & they both know how to use the washer. When my daughter is old enough, I plan on teaching her how to mow the yard.

nancy said...

I grill. And it pisses me off. I WANT the stereotypical thing to happen here and him to do it.

I kind of answered this in the opposite, eh? I guess I'm fighting FOR it. (feminism be damned.) (kidding.) (kind of.)


(loved that you got locked out in your panties. hah.)

sues2u2 said...

The only thing I really fight about is the fact that while I'm a homemaker that doesn't mean I'm anyone's servant!

I help w/ outdoor work & Hubby will help w/ things inside.

blueviolet said...

Not in my house. It doesn't seem to be an issue.

Deb said...

I married a very modern dude who is very secure with himself. There's never been a question that he'll help cook, clean, and change diapers. And I regularly mow the lawn and make trips to Home Depot. Both of our parents are a bit more old fashioned, but we shrug off any criticism. Times have changed.

Becca said...

I think fighting gender roles brings light to's better to just disregard them :)

shopannies said...

its not really that I fight against them I think it is that the world fights against them allowing me to take charge of the home economics as well as church activities where I was always taught the man made the decisions I do still respect hubby and share with him all before anyone else

kailani said...

Not really. I do whatever I need to to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Anonymous said...