Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To do Tuesday 06/23

Crazy Adventures in Parenting does a weekly To-Do list. I need some focus, I decided this morning that this was my best bet for getting things done and ready to go!

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday


Pack up the closet (winter clothes, etc)
Pack up the minivan to take things to the house
Do last load of laundry
Clean out fridge/bathroom
Take out trash
Swimming with the kids


Take Joey to the house for his football weight training
Pick up Canadian (Kerik – 2 week visit)
Move things into the house
Spot paint/Clean the toddlers room
Clean out the window seat
Clean/Sort out kitchen cabinets
Grill something to eat for the guys while they work on electrical
Wordless Wednesday


Pack up kitchen items (not many)
Sort through girls toys – Purge
Swimming with the kids


Take Joey to the house for his football weight training
Get Joey home
Date night!! (Being all wrapped up in one another, much needed!)


Take the kids to the zoo (Canadian has never been, must take him!)
Go through DVDs – pack
Go through games/systems - pack
Make sure the kids are getting packed up


Spend a little time with the girls before they go to their dad’s
Go to the house; spend the AM with Dave and Jake
Clean up and purge hall bathroom
Clean up and purge master bathroom
Start moving things around and getting organized


Help with cleaning garage
Help with the organization with the basement

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Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Look at you kickin' all kinds of ass already!! Way to go!