Monday, June 22, 2009

Mantra Monday: 6/22/09

Mantra Monday


It is my mantra.

Soon I will be fully moved into the house. 40 days in fact.

I have missed Dave these nights when I am at home; I miss the teens when I spend the night at his house.


I am listening to drilling, hammers and wood being cut into pieces to fit a wall, a TV, an Xbox….


I am painting the toddlers room with visions of hanging quilts and chalk walls, window gates and gates on the stairs to keep my one year old from leaping off.

I am cleansing the space and making sure there are no hidden dangers lurking to disrupt our relationship.

We fall into bed exhausted with thoughts of what it will look like, what it will be like to curl up next to one another once the projects are done and the house is quiet. I imagine the sound of a kids wandering to get some water at midnight, or scurrying into the bathroom when it’s time for school to start. I can sit at a stop light and imagine the mornings when his son curls up into bed with us and plays in the sandbox as we sit on the back porch and talk.


The packing and unpacking will be done. The last bit of art placed on the walls and I come home to a quiet home, the sound of footsteps disappearing as they run to the park or the greenbelt behind the house. Squeals of laughter in the pool and that knowing look between he and I.


(Go to Baby Tea Leaves, read some Mantra: Mondays... and join in!)


Christie O. said...

yay for joining! and oh do i know that feeling. i do hope it all comes soon for you and nice and smoothly! it was beautifully written, i could almost hear the sounds of your house :)

i do have to say that my "soon" as far as projects being done is 3 years old. so i hope it's sooner for you! hahaha!

WackyMummy said...

How nice for you guys to be all together. I'm really happy for you. =) I wish you all the best... especially with so many angels involved. Blessings on you!