Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NO... this is not about me... but a friend... What if...?

Imagine this.... You meet the man of your dreams and he sweeps you off your feet.

You are courted, and spend days on cloud nine.

Then, you get engaged and start planning a wedding.

Money ~Time ~Family

Everything that can go wrong does.

So you decide to go to the court, sign the paper and be done with it.


Then a letter comes in the mail to you from your cousin, It starts off stating that she is worried that your husband to be is planning something for you that will anger you..

~He invited your friends ~Family ~Got the Flowers ~Cake

Saturday, instead of just signing a paper, he was going to marry you in front of everyone. Profess his love for you...

He's given you... a wedding.


How would you feel?

~Would you be mad at your cousin? ~Your husband?

Would you relish in the fact that your love dreamt for you...planned for you.... Spent nights awake trying to fullfill a portion of your dreams?

What was your wedding like? Do you wish it was different? If you had to do it over again... what would you do?


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I think it's sweet, because firstly, this person wanted a wedding to begin with or else they wouldn't have begun that plan. Things went wrong, and he, acting *already* like the dutiful husband, wants to take care of her, take care of things, right her wrongs. He wants her to have that wedding she always dreamed of. I say, GO FOR IT, I think it's SO romantic!!!!

WackyMummy said...

I would be upset, because he would so be doing that "guy" thing, you know, where he just goes ahead and tries to "fix" things without communicating to you. For me, this isn't about a surprise or trying to get something special together.... I guess what it comes down to for me is about control.
Did she really want the wedding? Really really? Was it a mutual decision to change plans?