Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Team Reedo - Autism Walk

The weather on Saturday was perfect and I got to meet a friend that I had only spoken to online and her lovely family.

Three of my kids and I did the Autism walk with Kristin and her family and the handsome little Reed. Team Reedo walked two full laps, and I think they did another lap after my family and I split off to continue on the rest of our day.

Colorado Walk Now for Autism did a great job for these kids. There were clowns, Darth Vader, bouncy castles and singing Power Rangers. They also had many organizations there handing out pamphlets for assistance to parents.

I was honored to get the chance to help support little Reed, his loving family and the hundreds of other children that enjoyed the morning.

Thank you to everyone that attended and Team Reedo that raised over 1400$ for Autism research and assistance!

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