Thursday, May 14, 2009

You can Make This - 2 Winners - Giveaway

I would love to learn how to sew.

I remember my Mom sewing a lot when I was a little girl and I also remember her stepping on the needle. The attempt not to curse and the tears were enough for me.

Yep…. From that point on I SWORE off sewing machines, scared to death that I would somehow tempt fate and get myself sewn together because I would never be THAT good.

Then I had daughters, and they had dolls. And I had a son, who I am sure needed a super hero cape. I also had a bird cage that needs a nice quilt over it so my birds sleep better.

When I saw the Personalized Name Pillows I fell in love. My mind started spinning on ideas for this

• Baby showers
• Christmas
• Birthday
• Dorm Rooms
• Kids Rooms

How could I not want to make one of these? The directions I got from You Can Make This E-Book were awesome. There are colored pictures, step by step directions and even a video of this.

So… how about you?
- Can you sew?
- Do you want to?
- Wanna make some pillows for me?

I have (2) of these E-books to giveaway to (2) readers. (Giveaway ends on May 22, 2009)

Rules for the "Pillow Talk":

1.) Leave me a comment and answer this question: What is the name of one of the children you will make a pillow for?

2.) Leave your e-mail address if it is not posted on your blog

Extra rules: Make sure you leave a separate comment for each.

1.) Follow my blog (If you are a follower, let me know)

2.) Vote for my dear friend Lisa (Crazy Adventures in Parenting) #6 to win a trip to Blog Her.

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WackyMummy said...

Hey! Love a give-away!

1. The pillow will be for Evan or Mommy, I haven't decided yet.
2. koreenwnaugler(at sign)yahoo(dot)com

extra 1. I'm a follower. (Yay!!)
extra 2. I voted for Lisa. (Another yay!)


Pam said...

The pillow would be for Duncan and Danica (if it turned out, I'd make one for each of my babies...)

mleacan at hotmail dot com

Pam said...


melacan at hotmail dot com

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...
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Valorie said...

It would say 'Ethan' for my perfect little nephew, who makes me so happy that I can't stand it. :P


Anonymous said...

The pillow would be for "Cara"

plur268 at yahoo dot com

wwrk said...

The pillow would be for "Judy"

Totally_Toni said...

I would pick the names Aidan and Bella for the pillows :) these are adorable.

Totally_Toni said...

I am a follower :)

Nydia said...

How adorable!!! And since then can I resist joining a giveaway?? Being Brazilian, can I join this? I hope so, Lucas would love to have his personalized pillow!

Kisses from us!

Anonymous said...

These are adorable.

I would do one for my niece Audrey!

Love it!

intensev5 said...

I would make it for my son Anthony:) Thanks for the giveaway:)