Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell Me Thursday (05/14/09)

As I was going through Wordless Wednesday posts yesterday I came across Tell Me Thursdays. I love the idea of know the story behind the pictures, so…. I am going to share mine in hopes more people join in and talk about theirs.

So... My picture was a simple Friday night date night with my boyfriend.

We wandered around Lowe's that night looking for a firepit. We had wanted something to relax in front of on cooler spring and summer nights. Living against the greenbelt he gets a great breeze in the back yard.

So then came killing the weeds in the backyard, him putting a roof on the gazebo, picking up the trash and toys and finally getting things looking a bit nicer back there.

After a long day of working, grilling some brauts and dancing to some techno (I was dancing in the kitchen ... he doesn't dance. Heh).... He got the firepit set up, some chairs out and we kicked back and enjoyed a drink and a nice night.

This was one of those... "After a long night have a Corona" kind of pics....

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Solomother said...

That sounds like a great date night. I wish I'd bought a firepit -- it was on sale at the end of the season but I couldn't face carrying it home. Sometimes? not having a car sucks.