Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How do you Answer......? Part Two

"What is blogging?"
How I got started

I started Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom during the time of a huge green step in my life.
With six kids I needed a way to leave them the beautiful places I had seen in my own life, The Black Forest, Rocky Mountains and even just simple city parks full of squirrels and the like.

I also needed a place to do local foodie reviews, I had just planned on keeping it simple.

Then came along, The Bloggy Giveaways.

I was in love with giveaways, not dating, no life other than my children and my friends, Blogging became my social networking and focus. I would ignore all other issues and concentrate on reviews, giveaways and quality content.

Ok.. the quality content was a joke.. I tried, however my writing skills were rusty.

What have I won?

- Bouncy seats
- Coupons
- Gift cards
- Bows
- A Wii and a Wii Fit
- I-Pod Touch
- Full Boon Feeding Kit
- Boon potty bench
- Tons of handmade items (LOVE these!)

Yeppers... a ton of things and there is a lot out there.

However, more importantly I found women I relate with and follow their blogs daily.

Teresa at Wardrobe 911
Joanna from This Southern Girl's Nest
Nancy from The New Life of Nancy
Crystal from Everyday Life, Love and Happiness
Nydia from Bringing up Salamanders
Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes
Brittany from Mommee & her boys
Jill at Get it Write here
Margelina at What a long strange trip I'm on

And about 50 other bloggers that I follow every single day through Google Reader... just because I like their blogs. No giveaways... just because I like them as people.

So that's it.. Why do I blog? Because I have found a community that donates to my breast cancer walk, consoles me when I have to go in for a breast biopsy, congratulate me when I have a good day and love to see me happy and in love. And these are people I've never met face to face.

Why do I blog? Because it is a place for me to go to, when I need some "me" time.

Why do you blog?
Who do you follow every week?
Have any suggestions on people I should follow? I love foodies, fashionistas and "real" people!

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nancy said...

I totally NEED to come back to this one. I don't got the time at the moment. (don't got - my english teachwer would be pissed)