Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To-Do Tuesday- Week 1

Today is the first "To-Do Tuesday", on Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

  • Are you a mom, reviewer, chef, chauffer, lover, giveaway queen? Do you forget about one of those things at least once a week? (Hopefully not the chauffer part )
  • Do you ever wonder, “What happened to the time? I did so much today and got so little done”?
  • Will you be able to keep your list straight if they are ON your blog because you check it more times a day than ANYONE ELSE? (I’m so guilty of this, well.. almost)
  • Could you use a little more organization in your life?

Then you should head over to see Lisa for her first “To-Do Tuesday” …. And see how cool the little box is I have that has the check boxes in it? She has a tutorial on how to do this… plan on seeing this ALL around my blog from now on…. In fact, I plan on having a giveaway that will incorporate it.

With "To-Do Tuesday", we're attacking our to-do lists on Tuesdays of each week, blogging about our lists and what we've got going on, and sharing it with each other to help keep us accountable.

We'll cross items off our list as we go and help support each other in completing our lists by whatever deadline we impose. They are your lists, after all, and can be weekly, monthly, for that day alone, whichever you choose!

So, for my first "To-Do Tuesday" here's my list for this week:

My To Do List:

Buy Issa some warm weather shirts (This one changed as the week went on)

Go shopping for Valentine's Day

Send out package to Faith

Send hair to Locks for Love

Get another 50$ donation for Cancer walk

Do Vlog for NewBaby.com

Post new giveaway Saturday

Do post for Wordless Wednesday

Post at least two Get is Write Here entries

Make sure truck gets fixed

Look at new minivan on Saturday

Enjoy my time with Dave

Ok.. that's a pretty decent list, most of them seem to be small, however it seem to me that I'm the queen of small things.. just tons of them!

Make sure you head over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting after you write your own To Do Tuesday list, and sign the widget!


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Yay, thanks for playin' with me! Great list!!! Sure makes it seem HUGE to put it all in one place, doesn't it?? But it helps to have it down somewhere, where others might see if you're doin it or slacking lol

I love coming here and seeing hte beautiful pictures of your kids in the sidebar :) That one of Joey with Ashlyn is freakin' adorable!!

You know, you should have YOU right above 'em :)

Brittany said...

GREAT list!

What kind of minivan?

Joanna said...

How cool is that!? I love the check boxes!

Seems like a very doable list!! : )

Chip and Dani Brown said...

WOW...I'll have to look more into the To-Do Tuesday thing! Looks great : ) And looks like you've got a lot on your plate today!!

I came across your blog from The Mother Letters Project blog. I know this is silly...but my daughter is in the Leelou Blogs cute baby photo contest and I am trying to spread the word for people to vote for her!! I need HUNDREDS of votes for her to even come close to catching up to the front-runners. I have been trying to figure out where to find hundreds of people, and I didn't think it was approriate to ask Seth to post something so silly on The Mother Letters Blog (obviously), but I figured maybe all the people who helped with the project would be willing to go give my little Makenzie from AZ a vote : ) If not, that's ok too. I am just trying to get creative and reach more people! If you'd like to help me by voting for Makenzie, please go to http://www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ and spread the word for others to vote as well : )

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH...I am also recruiting prayer warriors for a tiny little miracle baby named Kayleigh Freeman, maybe you've heard of her and are already praying for her. It was through her blog that I heard about the contest in the first place. Even if you don't take the time to vote for Makenzie, please take a minute to visit HER website: http://www.kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/ and say a prayer for this sweet girl!


Daniele Brown

PS- THE MOTHER LETTERS PROJECT is in NO WAY associated with this request other than the fact that I found your blog there!!

margelina said...

You're list looks alot like mine, lol. Good luck with checking things off!

Red said...

great idea! I'm kinda scared to write mine out though, ugh.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Hey! How'd ya do? Tomorrow's another To-Do Tuesday - you can carry over last week's list into this week and tweak it (it's what i'm gonna do) :)