Friday, January 16, 2009

Get it write here Journal (#7)

These journal entries are from Get it Write Here. She puts up journal questions, some simple, some complex however all of them will help you think about where you are, what you appreciate and look a little deeper inside yourself.

Today's Question
Describe one or both of your grandfathers. What were they like? Did you know them well? What influence did they have on you?

Hmmm... let me see.

I had two grandfathers when I was born.

Both were cowards in their own way.

*One, he left the family years before and never knew his son, my father.

*The other, died inside when his young wife passed away from breast cancer. Leaving him with three small children. He married the, evil step-mother, who took everything away from his three children, and was cruel to them. They grew up and separated from their family, I was born and was give up for adoption at a year old. I spoke with him when I was in my mid-20s and he died about a year after that. I do not speak to the family at all.

Now... my adopted family was different.

*My parental grandfather died years before my adoption.

*My maternal grandfather was a funny man. He was the only one that is in my memory, and I am glad for that. He was a typical New York grandpa, a bit rotund, worked on his house and his beautiful yard as often as he could. He was mischievous and fun, he loved his children and my mother never had to try to please him, he just adored her. I only met him a handful of times, and was never close to him. He made the best wine that my brother and I used to steal drinks from down in the basement. He died in 1993, 4 months before his second great grand-daughter was born.

What do I think a grandfather is?

Someone who teaches you the things your parents can't, because your parent's aren't that age yet.
Someone who always has that twinkle in his eye, and sneaks you candy, money and things grandma said no to.
Someone who teaches you to drive... at age 4.
Someone who always smells like wood. (I don't know why... this sticks in my head)
Someone who has an inner strength that you never realized was there until you look back on it.

What about ya'll? Who was your grandfather? What do you think a grandfather is?? What kind of grandfather do you think your guy will be?


margelina said...

Hey Lilith! Missed you! Sorry for the lack of commenting...but I have been reading!
My maternal grandfather (the only one who was alive for me to know) was known as "Pap" by everyone. He was always hard of hearing, to the point of it being highly amusing to everyone. He would hear what he wanted much of the time, and would turn his hearing aid down so he couldn't hear my grandma. He collected junk from the side of the, bike wheels, wood scaps, and would make things and let us help...Like a wooden wagon and various other things. Before I traveled to London, he drew me a map of how he remembered it when he was stationed there in WW 2...I still have that!

Jill said...

Great post! I never knew my paternal grandfather, but from the genealogy I've read about him, he didn't sound too pleasant. Sometimes the men who meet the grandfather or father requirements are not even blood related and that's okay. My father-in-law has been more of a father to me than my real one ever was.
And my grandfather used to sneak me a $20 bill every now and then!