Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get it write here Journal (#6)

These journal entries are from Get it Write Here. She puts up journal questions, some simple, some complex however all of them will help you think about where you are, what you appreciate and look a little deeper inside yourself.

Today's Question
Describe what you do to alleviate stress.

This is an interesting one to come up lately. I've had an immense amount of stress the past few days. I have done a pretty good job holding it in and trying to deal with it, however, I knew a release was coming. Last night, I spent the evening with Dave, he made me chicken fajitas. (So yummy) and I started drinking, pretty early.

Then, I started just doing weird things. Asking him questions, becoming defensive on his answers, just a no win situation all the way around. I finally had to stop myself... none of this had to do with him.. it had to do everything with me. My own personal stresses were consuming not only myself, but he and I.

So there were tears, more than I had wanted him to see. However, it was necessary, I needed to release some type of emotion, or I was going to combust. He and I talked... and drank, and laughed, and got to bed REALLY late.. and it has helped so much.

My stress alleviation... Talking, emotional release and sometimes just a deep breath. Being with my kids and Dave for the escape... that is nice as well.


Brittany said...

I explode like that, too. I tend to hold everything in, until the last moment and then I take out my stress on everyone else. It's a no win situation, indeed! Glad to see you were able to laugh and go on, afterward!

Solomother said...

I'm sorry you found yourself in that position. I've been pretty grateful for my Serendipity man, who makes me dinner, takes me dancing, listens to my stress without trying to immediately fix it, and has introduced me to the joys of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.

I find myself trying to make my stress someone else's fault sometimes. it's silly. But I know what you're talking about!

Laila said...

I find that while out and about for my job, messing with random people on elevators is a real stress relief. And of course talking to you on the phone.

margelina said...

Glad you to were able to deal together, and that you feel better!
If I am feeling really stressed or down and I have the time, alone, I go get a great hair wash and blowout, even if it's just from the hair cuttery. That relaxes me so much, it's crazy, and really lifts my mood.
I also will turn the music up and dance it out, screaming the lyrics. A few drinks never hurts, either!!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I drink tea, go outside, take deep breaths, maybe shower. Or, best thing, hold my kids (if they aren't the causes of aforementioned stress lol).