Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are you an Extra Ordinary Mom?

Many of us are part of Mommies United! Well now.. there is a larger extension of them that started up two days ago, and it's wonderful!

The Mothers are Christine, Kristin, Katja, and our now in their extended family Toni, Monica, and Sheena from Mommy Daddy Blog with more added as time goes on.

They wanted a site for all moms to come together. Extraordinary Mothers is just that, they’ve opened a community to help bloggers. From help with reviews, to helping to promote bloggers.

So go and check them out, join the forum, and enter to win a Keurig (I WANT ONE SO BAD!! ~sobs~ I need two.. one for my house, and one for Dave's!!) and some SAK handbags!

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