Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hospital Trip *Updated*

LaLa hates it when Issa's sick. She just stays by her side... all sad like.

As some of you know the creeping crud hit my house a few days ago.

Issa seems to have gotten it the worst today and has thrown up every 15 minutes since 2pm.

The nurse at Children's has requested she come in to be checked out for dehydration.

Please keep us in your thoughts, I will update when I can!


We are home!

We got to the hospital around midnightish after her sister threw up again as well. So I carted both babies to the Children's ER and finally got into a room around two-ish. Both girls went to sleep and I took a short nap sitting in the chair, watching the Obama thing over and over because that was all that was on.

Around 5am they came in checked her out. Gave her some anti-nausea meds and told me to try and keep 1 oz in her. It took her until 8am to keep it down and then we could go!

NO IV.. YAY...

I took a short nap, now they are both tired, so I'm going to take another.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts... here are some pics so you know what a sick Issa looks like!

She is feeling much better, running around, being a silly girl... seems to be a 24 hour thing!
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