Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolution

Hello everyone!

We all have our resolutions, even if we don't call them that, we celebrate the New Years with something new.

I know a lot of us are looking at weightloss, it's a tough topic, no one wants to admit that their waist is bigger than it's ever been or even, just bigger than last year.

I'd love to blame my new guy, I've gained 3 pounds since meeting him! 3 pounds... goodness gracious!! I blame the late night chocolate cake and oreo's that we indulge in.... ~grins~

So, Here is my plan for the new year!

This is my advice:

Get your mind set straight

*Setting a goal date to start ~Mine is January 5~

*Take a day off where I can eat whatever I want (this one is paramount to me, because after a while, you no longer want the foods from the past. And dieting should not be about denial, it is a lifestyle change.)

*Setting an ending goal date. (A light at the end of the tunnel is wonderful, you can always "reup" the challenge to yourself. ~Mine is April 5~)

*Set up a schedule in advance, so you know what you are going to be doing everyday. It is like a menu, it helps keep you on track!

*Buying a few sets of clothes NOW that fit me, so I can know what my exact size is and when they start getting looser, I know I'm doing something right!

Then, find out what work outs you like to do. Comcast has a ton of them On Demand that you can change up all the time. Discovery Health also has some everyday depending on what you are looking to work on.

Keep motivated, find weight loss friends, in real life or online! One step at a time!!

I am going to start Motivation Mondays, and I plan on doing it as a Vlog.... ~grins~ This should be fun!!


margelina said...

Good idea! I just may jump on board!!
A New Year's Eve tradition we have is an old Italian one...you write down 3 things from the past year that you need to "let go" of or move on from, and fold it up. No one else reads the paper. Then, you burn the papers as a symbol of letting go and starting the New Year fresh. It's very healing!

Toni said...

What a great plan! I just need to get my butt to the gym plain and simple