Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom Dot Christmas of Dreams Party! Day #4

Unless you have been under a rock you have heard about the MomDot party this week!
It has been a lot of fun answering questions and learning about other Bloggy mom's. I am sure by the end of this I will find a handful I just LOVE and have to add to my "Blogs I like to read".

So.. the question of Day 4 is three fold

*What is your favorite Holiday recipe?

There are two of these. My Mom's pumpkin bread. It is one of those memories of coming home a little chilled walking from elementary school (we lived in Texas, so it was only slightly chilled), and smelling my mom's pumpkin bread that she was making as gifts for her fellow teachers. I've never forgotten how that felt.. my heart was always so warm and happy. It chokes me up to remember those simpler times.

Two: My Mom's grasshopper pie. Minty, cool, sweet crust of Oreos.. Bliss. I love that pie!

Describe your Holiday table.

I am a decorator. I will make things look pretty and get ideas from TONs of sites. Though my table usually looks like a buffet.. since we have Holiday dinners at other people's houses, I rarely get to do the holiday at my house, however I do a lot of get together with friends during the holiday season!

What is your biggest Holiday cooking disaster?

I can not think of one I've had. I do not cook much during the holidays due to ... well.. everyone cooks for me. I am beginning to think they don't like my cooking :)

I make a GREAT grasshopper pie (Thanks Mom) and a wonderful homemade Cranberries!

Thanks for visiting!!


Staci said...

Grasshopper pie sounds like it would be very yummy!

Amanda said...

Pumpkin bread and muffins are like crack in this house. I make them and they're only in the house 2 days at the most.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I love Grasshopper drinks so a pie must be delicious!