Saturday, November 29, 2008

100 Days to Christmas

Saturday the 29th!

It's 26 days before Christmas! Yep.. I said it out loud... how does that make you feel?
About like me huh?

So... Today's challenge from One Hundred Days to Christmas is this...
Start your decorating!

What do I plan on doing today?

Well.. I plan on getting all of the Christmas stuff out of the shed. Trudging through the snow with my kids, and digging it out!

(By trudging I mean to the driveway, and digging it out, I literally mean just that, somehow we buried the shed with more and more stuff in it... Spring Cleaning will be a GREAT time this year :))

So, as the day goes on I'll try to put up pictures. If nothing else, tomorrow my guy and I are going to the mountains to cut down a tree with his son (Picture ops!!) and I will put up those pics.

Go over to One Hundred Days of Christmas and join in the fun, there are also giveaways and more!

1 comment:

margelina said...

Hahaha...that is funny about your shed...only because the first 5 or 6 years, our shed was like that with every holiday's decorations buried in the mess of the shed. Finally we got a system, well, Chris got a system going after trying to tell me on the third year in a row he had to buy new Christmas decorations because he couldn't find them. Our house is decked out right now, inside and out.
OH, have fun getting your tree tomorrow!I always wished I lived somewhere with enough snow to do the "Christmas Vacation" search and chop down of a tree!