Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Santa Claus is comin' to Twitter

I would love for Santa Claus to call my daughter Faith.

Why? Because she believes with all her heart in him, and I would love to hear that joy in her voice.

Where? She is in Illinois with her father and needs to know that I think about her all the time.

How? By you all adding him to your Twitter account (@SantaClaus25), and then telling him CrunchyGreenMom sent you.

Please help Faithie talk to Santa!!

Thanks.. I'm done pimpin' out Santa!

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Nydia said...

I'm trying to reset my Twitter account, but it keeps opening a page telling it's overcrowded and try later, grrrr...
You know, once, about two years ago, I had my sister Claudia calling Lucas as if she was Jo Jo, the Supernanny, when he was on a phase of refusing to have lunch. If you could see his face when she told him that she knew he was a good boy and was sure he would eat well to be strong!!! It was so funny, he stopped that and went back to his old hungry little boy he always is. I'll keep trying or better, I'l open a new account. But it would be fun to have a male friend to call her with all the Ho Ho Ho she deserves... :O)


PS: Yes, we have coconut water in little boxes, that's all Lucas drinks at McDonalds!