Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Monday, September 15, 2008

ImagiPlay Rainforest Puzzle

I love puzzles.

I really like to watch my kids put things together and work out problems in their minds. I love to celebrate when they connect the dots, and when they put the right pieces with the correct shape. It’s an accomplishment that I can give them a high five over and help make them feel better about who they are.

However, I am a stickler for what my children play with. I know that I have a lot of skeptics that say, “Oh, these plastics are not toxic” or “Hey, I played with them and they never hurt me.”

Yes, we all played with toys that should have been banned, but why risk it with my children?

So, this year, my little ones, who think their mouth is a wonderful testing tool for toys, will be getting all wooden creations.

I love wooden toys, I love the way they smell and feel, I love how sturdy they are and when they have colors on them, how vibrant it is. When I got the ImagiPlay Rainforest Puzzle I was in love!

This puzzle is different than others my girls and I have played with:

  • It is wooden and very sturdy. The whole puzzle has a nice heavy feel to it.
  • The colors are amazingly vibrant. The animals are carved so well, that you can tell what they are.
  • It is a 3-D puzzle, the animals and the tree can be stand alone toys, so it’s like a dual toy in one!
  • It has 18 pieces so everyone can play with a piece.
  • Apparently, children think they taste good!

I love the company ImagiPlay, they work hard to have toys that show respect to the environment and use the wood from a rubber tree that is replenished after it is harvested. I can not think of a better company to get products from.

You can find the Rainforest Puzzle and many other puzzles and wooden toys like it at ImagiPlay. Go and see what they have to offer, I am sure you will love the product as much as my little ones did.

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