Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Questions for parents

When you were a new mom, what questions did you wish someone had addressed before you were holding your bundle of joy?

What kind of diapers are the best?
Is it worth it to spend 100$ more for a stroller?
How do you bathe a newborn before the umbilical cord falls off?
What is the perfect “Push Present”?

How about when you were a parent of two with a third one on the way?


What is the preferred baby shower gift?
How do I make a diaper cake?

I ask these questions because I am a new Vlogger for NewBaby and I will be starting up in a week making videos for Moms/Dads and everyone that is looking for ideas that are related to children.

I want to know what people are interested, what they need to know or wish they could tell a new parent.

I’d love your input, and I will even give you props in my video for those questions.

Thank you for your input and ideas, and I’ll be posting a widget with my Vlogs on here and on Twitter!


Mark Salinas said...

I think a fun baby shower gift would be a decorated basket with different gift cards, and some gadgets...probably not very original. My two cents! :)

Dreaming again said...

the best advice that could have been given to me ... regardless of what advice you get ... go with that Mamma's gut instinct.

Even if it doesn't agree with Grandma's or MiMa's or Nanna's ... because ...well, Mamma does know best, she really does.

No matter how many babies her next door neighbor has had, no matter how many children her pediatrician has treated ... she knows her baby best ..and follow that gut.

it's almost always right and the times it isn't .. not worth feeling guilty over, love will cover that.

THAT is the advice I wish someone had given me to deal with the barrage of advice.

Erin Ely said...

I tend to be more on the simplicity side. I don't think you need alot of things for a new baby.

I think a good gift for a mom to be is some kind of support for successful breastfeeding experience. Also good information, I suggest any of the books by Dr. Sears. Love the Dr. Sears information, helpful from new born on up.

Diaper Service (if they are going to use cloth diapers) this is great for new mom.

Baby carrier, like a sling or some way to carry the baby next to your body.

Keep it simple that's my motto.

And if you are thinking about lovely items for baby care, you could add in some certified organic baby care

nancy said...

I iwsh someone would have told me about the truth of the first few days of post-partum grossness.

Had I KNOWN I would bleed like a stuck pig (for real) and have softball sized clots coming out of my vagina when I peed, I wouldn't of had an abslute HEART ATTACK in the bathroom, pulling the "pull for nurse" cord, crying and pointing in the toilet. I wouldn't of REALLY thought I'd be back to "6 months pregnant" in the first 24 hours or even the first week. I would have been ready to have that santa belly full of jelly I had without crying.

Ick. It makes me cringe all over again.

margelina said...

1. I wish someone had told me about the baby blues and how crazy I would feel for a couple weeks. No one said anything about it until after I did. Any how much mommy guilt I'd feel after the birth of my second, then my third, coupled with the baby blues.
2. I believe brand name expensive diapers are way overrated and unnecessary when the store brands work just as well. Same for wipes. Seriously, just try them. My personal favs are the Target brand of both.
3. I wish someone told me I could get a yeast infection on my nipples from nursing! No idea until they cracked and bled and were otherwise SORE! I had no clue what was going on!
4. A repeat of what everyone else said, but TRUST YOUR GUT. Do what you think is best and try and block out all theunsolicited advice. You are the one up all hours of the night and with yuour baby 24/7. You can do this, just trust yourself. And don't beat yourself up if you make mistakes along the way. Your baby will survive and love you, I promise!
5. This one is advice from my own mother, but it is that when you are in the hospital after the birth or anytime during your post-pardum stay, feel free to kick people out or ask people not to come by, because some people don't know when to leave, and if you are tired or just want some rest, just say so. Don't feel obligated to "entertain" them from your hospital bed. Seriously, I thought my mom was nuts when she told me this before I had my first, but damn if people didn't show up and try to hang around all hours, in a circle around my bed. One person actually told me I could just sleep, they would all just hang out. Um, NO!!!

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Wow, it seems forever ago lol. Hmm, let's see...

Firstly, now-a-days, I think parents should be told about vaccinations and plastics. They should do their own research about those subjects, and come to their own conclusions, but at least be informed instead of following the supposed 'norm'. Oh, and toxins. Just because its available on store shelves, marketed for your baby, doesn't make it safe. Especially traditional disposable diapers - new parents need to know what's really going against their newborn's skin. And just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you should.

I know you know where I'm coming from, you're like my twin LOL

Maternally Posh said...

No one ever clued me in to how challenging breastfeeding could be for a new mom. I just thought that this would be so natural and easy and relished in the fact that all my baby needed was just me! Boy, was I wrong! I struggled, my daughter struggled...latching was the most difficult process ever, even with help from nurses, girlfriends, breastfeeding coaches...in all honesty, I hung in there for 6 weeks and finally made the command decision to bottle feed. After this experience, I found moms needed a place to be validated and supported in such a fragile time around this issue. Hope for better luck with the next time!