Monday, June 2, 2008

My ramblin' mind

Hello all. I realize that I spend so much time with the bloggy world in my head, I don't write everyday. Though..I do tend to write 3-4 posts in one day.

That's just silly!

So, I'm trying to map out my thoughts, so I decided to give ya'll a schedule of my babble, (along with random blurbs I might throw in, like... This. (Yep.. I went to Arvada this weekend, No, these aren't mine!)

Monday- Laundry/Weightloss
Tuesday- Product Review of the Rave by Neutrogena
Wednesday- Wordless Wednesday (as if), my "guest" post.
Thursday- Children and their blankies
Friday- How To....

We will see if I can get my thoughts reorganized with this!

YAY.. I'm getting on track.

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