Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Green & Clean Mom Launch Party

There is a new blog dedicated to the Green way of life. Green&Clean Mom will be opening on Saturday, until then she is having a Launch Party on her other blog.

I love the phrase she stated at the end of her first paragraph introducing the concept of her site: "Remember, at Green & Clean Mom it’s sexy and sassy to be green but we don’t expect you to do everything, just something."

It's a wonderful way to start off things. One step at a time as we do everything else. Being Green isn't an overnight deal. When you want to start, set a goal. "This week, I will buy "Green" products to clean the kitchen counters", and slowly but surely you will find that the strong smells and colors of the cleaners aren't necessary. Shaklee is the product I currently use, and I'm loving the change in my cleaning style.

Please swing by and visit her, Welcome to the Blogging world .. (again), and visit her often. She has a world of information and is definatly dedicated to leaving behind faint footsteps of her family on the earth, with a loud resounding yell in the winds!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting about her blog! It definitely sounds like something I might be interested in! I'll check it out!

Primal said...

As the owner of a natural cleaning service.. I agree! It's so easy to get customers to use my service but I cringe when I see under their cabinets and they're loaded to the hilt with chemical cleaners.

Change comes slowly