Monday, June 30, 2008


I love July, Why?

..........Because it's my birth month! It's a really simple reason, I hate the heat, I hate flies, I wish it were the winter holiday season. BUT... I do have a birthday, and my mom and dad always made sure to make is special. Even if I'm a big girl now, I still like having a fun day.

Ok.. so, I weighed myself on Saturday.. Um.. I lost 6 pounds.
Yep.. Me... 6 pounds less. I have to say, repiercing your tongue (My tongue ring was taken out when I went to the dentist, and I lost it, for a week. I had to buy a new one and repierce it again)
And then having a sore tooth, definatly helps with weightloss, though, I would not suggest it!

Speaking of my tooth.. I am getting it taken out tomorrow, at 1:30pm MST.. YAY!!!! No more constant pain. So be thinking of me and sending me love!

I worked out last night (did some leg exercises) and then tonight I worked out and did my arms. I still plan on working out a little more hard core starting July7th, but until then... I am doing what I can until my dentist tells me not to until the tooth gap is healed.

Ok.. I'm going off to visit all my blogs. I've been slacking on my blogging lately :)



nancy said...

Right on - re the weight loss. Yay!!!

Mouth pain sucks. SUCKS.

The second time i pierced my tongue - no swelling at all. Just hurt a little bit due to piering through scar tissue.


mom_of2boys said...

Great job on your weight loss!! That's awesome!

As far as the tooth pain, I'm feeling the pain too...LOL. I lost my filling in my wisdom tooth. I want it pulled. I couldn't get in until next Wednesday though.

Good luck on your recovery!

Crystal said...

SIX POUNDS!!! YEA YOU!!! Feels great when that weight falls off doesn't it?!?! Although I would agree that the painful tooth and tongue ring isn't the way to lose it too. But good job anyway;o)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birth Month! ;)