Thursday, June 5, 2008

Children and their blankies

Does your child have a favorite blankie? Or just fabric?

My little Boo... Ms. Issa has a LOVE for satin. She's addicted.

For the holiday's her sister gave her a pink and brown crushed fabric blankie, with a satin trim and satin backing. She has another Winnie the pooh blankie with a satin back, and another pink one. She will NOT sleep with anything other than those blankies!

The other night I was washing her laundry and blankets. Now, my girls go to bed by 7:30 or 8pm every night and silly me put their blankets in at 7pm... Yep.. you see the error of my ways! (Rookie mistake!!)

By 7:45 when I was putting her to bed, the blankets were JUST going in the dryer. So, I tried to be coy...

First, I tried a small knitted pink blankie... Nope.

Second, I tried a large pink and brown blankie with butterflies... she shoved it away and glared at me.

Third, I tried a larger knitted blankie... again, pushed it aside to the growing mountain of blankets next to her and narrowed her eyes once again.

So, I gave her the sippy cup, smiled at her and said "I'm going to get your blankie". After sneaking out of the room (without a fuss thankfully) I made a vow NEVER to let her go without her blankies again.

She carries them with her back and forth to her sitters house every morning, she carries them around the house and goodness forbid if I give them to her little sister!! She steals them back, steals back whatever other blankies her sister has and leaves the 5 month old shivering, and to top it off, she'll steal her bottle. She's a vendictive little cuss!

What about ya'lls little ones. Do/Did they ever have anything that you never thought they'd get addicted to, but did? Binkies, blankies, stuffed critters, etc.


Michelle said...

I love pictures of sleeping little ones...they look so peaceful!

My sister had a blanket with satin edges that she sucked on one corner of it only LOL she carried it with her everywhere!

Kayla never became attached to anything that she had to have with her at all times, or to sleep with. She does have a few items she makes sure are in her bed at night, but we don't take these when we're away from home and she sleeps fine with out them.

I think Lucas is going to be one who needs a blanket at all times though.

Natalie said...

I just read you Jillian Michaels post...I wish I had her workouts, I need them! Good luck with those and with quitting smoking! Come visit Bye Bye Fat Mom on Friday for Fitness on Friday.

Oh...and you commented on my other blog about play dates. I wish!!!! I'm stuck in the boonies of eastern Colorado, it's so boring here. My brother-in-law lives in Aurora though.

Haasiegirl said...

ha! I still have a blanket myself. LMAO

CanCan said...

I had a blanket my whole life. I put it on a shelf towards the end of high school because I was afraid it would disintegrate. It was a mint colored flannel blanket with Noah's Ark scenes.
Neither of my boys are attached to anything. I bought them cute lovies but they never cared. :)

Crystal said...

Addictions? Nothing they didn't let go of after they found something else to appease them. BUT...Sam has ALWAYS been addicted to strawberry milk. She HAS to have it in the morning and before bed...I swear it's worse than a damn bottle before bedtime!lol!

Nydia said...

What a fun post, Lilith! Your little girl looks so cute at sleep! Yes... Lucas has something he's addicted to since he was one year old: not a blankie, but a stuffed giraffe called Duda (he gave it this name when he got it at his one year b-day). I also have to be veeeery careful when I wash it, because it must be dried before he goes to bed (and he sleeps early too, around 8/8:30pm - but as he's almost five now, he's starting to accept a temporary replacement in case the little girafe is not dry in time). He still carries it around in the morning and when travelling he must take Duda with him. He just loves it (you can see him with her - part of it - here:

Oh gods, today ' too talkative! Sorry for the long comment! :P
Kisses from Nydia.