Thursday, June 5, 2008

Product Review from a prize winning

Neutrogena Wave is a wonderful new product that I HAVE to tell everyone about!
I won it in a contest a while ago (apparently, I had no idea). Coming upon my 35th birthday I have been taking good care of my skin since I was 25. However, I’m never willing to fall into complacency with it.

Alternately, I have a 16 year old daughter who does have a bit of issue with acne, not a horrible amount, but enough to make her self conscious.

So this product looked like a great thing for the two of us.

It comes with 14 cleansing pads that activate with water; I gave her seven and I kept seven for myself. It also comes with a battery and within minutes it’s up and running. I like the scent of the cleanser on the pads. It’s not too strong, and you can’t smell it once you are using it. The Wave has a wonderful hand grip and does well even if you use it in the shower.

It is a really nice product, and one I might continue to use. I think it’s a waste to use the pads though, and buying refills is a bit frustrating not to mention wasteful. I might make my own out of fabric so they are reusable and use my own cleanser.


D-Ann said...

Wow, do you ever stop winning :) I need to know your secret to success..

Haasiegirl said...

i was actually wondering about this! thakns for the review!