Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Blue Top Hat Review

I love surprises! I love surprise gifts even more. I know very few people who don’t love to get things they had no idea they were getting, be it in the mail, (Which I call Santa’s bag now, since I am an avid/addicted giveaway mom), on their doorstep, or even just handed to them in a pretty bag.

When I entered a giveaway on An Island Life a few months ago, I had high hopes, however, I knew very little about the company the giveaway was for, so I just left it as a thought in the back of my mind. Then, I won….

I am not sure about ya’ll, but I love seeing “Congratulations” in my in box. It makes my day at work a little better, and this one was so cool.

It is for a company called The Blue Top Hat. It is truly as upscale and original as it sounds.

The company was started by Kendall Morris and Alana Lennie, daughter-mother team who lives across the country from one another, and still wanted to stay connected. It is a company that started from a wedding gift for some friends, and is now years later open with an original concept that I think will get the two of them far.

When you order from this company you will get an amazing gift no matter what you are looking for. The Blue Top Hat will send a basket that has a themed book for memories, and full of gifts for each month. Available themes are: Baby, New House, Wedding, Spa, Corporate.

Ordering from The Blue Top Hat is personalized and comfortable. You can speak with a gift expert so that your gift can be special. It is heart warming to find a company like this these days that will speak with you one on one.

I know that the holiday’s are a few months away, however it is a good idea to start thinking now, have that relative that is hard to shop for? Keep this in mind; it would be a fun wonderful gift for a parent who never gets thanked enough!!

Please visit them at The Blue Top Hat, and see what they have to offer.

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