Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Mayhem

Hello everyone!

I think today is my lucky day, things are just seeming to look up.
Feeling positive (even though I'm on Vicodin all the time, I'm thinking that is the cause of my abnormal mood), though, the heat is really getting to me these days.

Colorado is in the 80's this time of year. That doesn't sound hot, and being from Texas you would think that it's not, but... somehow.. it's sweltering. I am NOT looking forward to those 90 degree days. No air conditioning in the house makes things misearable. (We do have four window units though :) )

My tooth is getting pulled on July 1st, so I will be very happy on my birthday, because I'll be out of pain.

I will be doing a few reviews this week, things I've gotten and things that I like in the blogging community.

Kara is going to Aspen with her boyfriend tomorrow. He and his family are going for three days, so she will be off with him until Thursday afternoon. I'm excited for her, it's the first time she's ever gotten to go somewhere like that with another family.

Faith is finally back from her dad's house. She's funny. She speaks alot like the older generation in Illinois, mainly because she spends alot of time around her grandmother. It's adorable to hear a 7 year old talk like that.

I feel bad for Joey, he was so excited about football practice this weekend. As we get to the practice the car he is in turns around. He tells us that he won't play because this kid he hates named Eric is on the team. It's the only kid that my son hates in the whole world, so needless to say, he's not playing football for Aurora. Anyone know of a good league for a 5 foot 10 teenager? He's only 13... that should count for something! :)

Well.. I'm off to read other blogs and play around :)

Talk with everyone soon!!


Sunnie said...

Hello Lilith! You won the "Little Farmer "Quilt in the quilt drawing!!! Brenda at Quilter's Quisine drew the name for me today and you were the winner! I'll notify you on your email privately and you can tell me where to send it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Congratulations!!! Hugs, Sunnie : )

Jen said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry about the pain your tooth is causing. I'm glad that you are getting it pulled on July 1st though, YAY!