Monday, June 23, 2008

Berrie Sweet Blog Bash

Happy birthday Ms. Buttercup!

Fellow Bloggy Mommy from Berrie Sweet Picks is a new blogger and taking on the huge task of a Blog Bash. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist one of those!

So, for her little ones 1st birthday, she is giving all of us the chance to win some cool prizes and hopefully send some sweet words to her little one.

Gemini Baby

What a wonderful time to be born. It just means that you are a split personality with a VERY loving side to you. That will help balance out the other side. In the next year, you will show Mommy the other “twin” you share within you. That should be interesting for your mama… I will make sure to check back on you and see how you are doing! Be nice to Mommy…

Have a Happy First Birthday!

Now, for your birthday... I think it’s wonderful I could win a gift. I know… kinda selfish and I feel a little bad, but… I’m sure you get to help choose who wins!

* I love the Chair from Hoobobbers. So cute! A pink/purple one would be perfect for my little princess’.

* The gifts from HoneyChunks looks awesome. Reuseable baby wipes would be so great, and I’ll review the HECk out of them.

* The Outmat looks great. I am always taking the kids to outdoor movies and this would be great for my January baby to roll around during those!

Oh... and ONE to grow on. I like the In Mat too…. We do a lot of yoga at home, and I’d love to get this for my 1.5 year old, and she will be more inclined if she has her own mat!

Everyone, go and check out the giveaway. It’s a wonderful time!

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