Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonderfall Event through Beaches Resort

Vacation, a word I say with a dreamy wispy voice, knowing I won’t be having on anytime soon. See… my vacation is going to the grocery store alone, or getting a nap in where I don’t have short people poking me in the head trying to figure out if I’m awake. (I don’t care how many times you tell them in a groaning voice you are asleep, they don’t care.)

However, I am a dreamer, it’s why I blog, it’s why I do giveaways; it’s why I am such a sucker for window shopping. One of my favorite dreams this week has been this lovely all inclusive vacation with Beaches.

All Inclusive: Definition: Everything is paid for. Food, drink, scuba diving, wind surfing, golf, Premium brand drinks (Oh yea!), Airport transfers, tips, butler service, and the greatest four words of all… Supervised Activities for Kids. Even teenagers!

My family and I are foodies, and the idea of Jamasian or Teppanyaki restaurants are fabulous. I don’t even know what they are, but I want to go and savor something I’ll probably never have again. Sound like a tease to the tongue, it is, but that’s ok, I am willing to wish for more!

Now, Here is the sense of urgency. Wonderfall, deals are only good if you book by June 26, 2008, that is an extra night or two at the resort depending on how long you plan on staying and a 45% off for the trip. This is valid in any of the resorts. They have four locations and traveling between September 1-November 4th will not put a damper on those sites, they will still be as amazing as they are in early July.

In September for Wonderfall they will be having Elmo and his friend’s themed activities and events. Imagine how much fun this trip would be with your whole family and taking the kids to see this in the evenings.

I know that most people vacation in the summer, but the beaches are crowded and the gas is already bad enough. Consider the Wonderfall event with Beaches resorts, and then send me pictures, I’d love to see how much you all like it!!

*Thank you to Mom Central for the information about Beaches Resort by: Sandals*

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