Monday, May 19, 2008

My Business.. Part II *Update*

Ok.. I got some great advice from Trisha and now, I'm rethinking things. I love the idea of making "ice cream cones", etc. My mind just went nuts. I have all the ideas... but I still need a name!

Diaper Treats? Sounds kinda gross doesn't it?
Sweet Diapers? Hmmmm.. a little better, not as... visual of a picture as the first one.
Snack Diapers? Bahahahaha.. that one was cool.

Ok.. Think funky? Yep.. this is me thinking out loud! Sorry ya'll get to be part of it, that's what you get for visiting my part of the mind. See.. Trisha has a cool name... Bambina Ballerina... coool.. hip... original... Now my turn....

I'm thinking... when it hits me, I'll let ya know!


CanCan came up with a good idea... Take the Cake Design.... It's different.. original...
I'm mulling it about in my mind... It's working... . slowly!!

Oh.. and I am naming one of the cakes after her husband's idea... "Eat my shorts!"... Fabulous!


Bummy Cakes... Cotton cakes? Cotton Bummy Cakes?

Cotton Tail cakes?..... Bahahahahah... that one struck me funny.
Hrmmmmm....... If I don't get this tonight.. I'll be up staring at my ceiling, in the dark....

Perhaps I should sleep on this!!

Diaper Creations.... Meh.....


What about... Diaper Chef? Sweet Diaper Chef? Not your normal Diaper chef.. too long....

Funky diaper chef (hahaha.. play on words.. funky diaper... Ok.. it's late.. I'm delirious.

(After reading these, I realize they sound like real cake shops! I need dessert)

Baby Cake shop?...... Sweet Baby bakery?...... Modern baby cakes? GAH.. sounds like I'm cooking babies.. it's like Sweeney Todd... but much much sadder!



CanCan said...

Diet Diapers? (it is a fat free cake, after all. not that you can actually eat it).
My husband suggested "eat my shorts"...don't listen to him.
Happy Nappies? Bummy Cakes? You don't want to focus entirely on diapers though since you can do weddings and stuff too...
The Textile Bakery? Cotton Cakes?

CanCan said...

Yay! I'll tell hubby you liked his crude suggestion. I was just picturing groups of old ladies or whoever goes to baby showers usually, thinking about the idea of them being told to "eat" a baby's shorts. Very strange visual.

Mandy said...

Eat My Shorts is funny! I like it! I think you should seriously consider it. It's hip and funny. You could use that name with a funky web design and it would be perfect! How about "Frosting Not Included":) Haha. Or, "Cute Pie Confections" or "Tiny Treats" or "Sugar Pie Sweets" with a tag beneath it that says "calories not included...". My husband and I made a huge diaper SHEEP once as a joke. It was pretty darn cute bt I don't think I'll ever do it again, it took all day.:) Good Luck!

trisha said...

i like mandies idea of calories not included if you go this type of theme. Also cancan said Happy Nappies..thats cute too. Eat my shorts is original if you do a very good job branding yourself. I had an idea last night, so i need to rethink the name I was thinking about. Ill be back

trisha said...

hey susanne, are you gonna stick only w/ diapercakes? What about w/ wedding shower stuff for the bridge and birthday party stacks..where someone can get something (not necessarily a cake) but a bastket of goodies w/ toys, clothes, whatnots.

I ask because if you decide to name it Diaper something, you may be limiting people to think its your only product.

You can always go w/ something normal like CakesforKids, ACakeWithoutTheBake (kinda long, but not too bad), or just CakeWithoutTheBake. BTW, since its an online store, i always put it as one word so you can see how long it would be in a dot com.

Or you can go the route of something like EventBaskets, BabyShowersandMore, ATisketATasket (a baby basket?). CakesToTake ? ACakeToTake?

I am just thinking outloud, this all suck.

Maybe stear away from the name cake and do Goodies or Gifts.

trisha said...

ok, its early. wtf did i cakes for the bridge? that was supposed to say wedding cakes for the bachalorette party stuff, naughty stuff.

trisha said...

You could always do something w/ like a joke like or SmellyProductions



DecidedlyDiapers DiapersDoneRight

ok, im being obnoxious now.

Joanna said...

I too like Eat My Shorts! Sounds udderly hip. Good luck!

Nydia said...

Congrats on your business! I wish you all the luck and success!
About the name... Poor you, what a hard task! I like the "Take the Cake", it's cool and cute at the same time. Hey, "Cool & Cute Designs", here's my humble idea. Maybe "Take the Baby Cake"? Maybe too long and specific... But I think I still like Take the Cake.

I'm sure the perfect name will come out of the blue in the middle of the night! :)

Kisses from Nydia.

Jocelyn said...

Goodluck on your business, Lilith.

Just want to tell you that you won a fab prize on Hip Mama's Place from the Mother's Day Giveaway Event!

Congrats! :)

If you can send me your address info at: that would be great!

Thanks! :)

CanCan said...

No bake baby cake(s)?
Fake Bakes?
Inedible Cakes for Parties(just kidding).
Fake Baker?
Just Add Sugar? (you know like "sugar", in the south we say, "Give me some sugar!" for a kiss. But usually to kids. Not to adults).